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Best Roofers in Rockford Installations


Best Roofers in Rockford Installations

Commercial properties have high-quality roof installations. They can last between 50 to 100 years if properly maintained. However, some roofs fail earlier than expected. A recent installation can become a five-year problem, which can cost you more in the long run.

Here’s why this can happen:

Poor Roof Design

Sadly, many roofing systems are doomed to have a short life expectancy from the very beginning. If the roof system itself is designed or installed with inefficient drainage or moisture management systems, for example, ponding water will encourage the growth of mold and bacteria, which can deteriorate the surface, as well as lead to the rust and corrosion of metallic truss plates, and flashing, etc. Another common issue is blistering, caused by water vapor becoming trapped within the roof layers.

Quite often, the poor roof design is tied to the building structure itself, not the actual roof installation. Without proper ventilation from within, warm water vapor rises from inside the building and condenses and collects under the cool membrane. If the building or the roof deck is poorly designed, even the highest quality roof installations won’t last as long as they should.


Water damage is the biggest culprit for most issues. You’ll find many property owners in need of a roof commercial replacement all because of a bad leak. The primary culprit is poor maintenance. Flat or low-sloped roofs, common for commercial properties, can suffer badly from rain. If left unchecked, puddles can accumulate and remain for hours. This weakens the roof, which can lead to the formation of leaks.

Moisture is another leading problem. Unlike leaks, moisture can form due to a poorly ventilated roof. Without proper vents, your roof heats up and cools down with the climate. This change in extremes causes condensation moisture, which can build up and damage your roof.

Improper Maintenance and Inspection

Make sure the roofers in Rockford cover all the bases when having your roofs checked. Even minor leaks can develop into serious problems. Any issue can worsen, and if a crack on the wall is left alone, it will develop into a larger leak. This will necessitate a roof commercial replacement within two years.

Poor Workmanship

Apart from these issues, the installation itself could be faulty. If the measurements are improper, the roofers in Rockford’s process is shoddy, or if the project is rushed, it can cause poor workmanship. This can force a client to spend money on another replacement.

You Could Be The Victim of a Roofing Scam

Roofing scams are similar to our previous point, the roofers will do a terrible job of trying to install your roof. However, scammers are more malicious. They are aware that they are doing a terrible job and are simply trying to make a quick buck off of you. You’re stuck with a roof set up to fail in a few months or years. By the time you realize you’ve been scammed, they’ve disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Fixing all of this is possible if you know the right contractor. Roofers in Rockford offer commercial roofing services, including roof commercial replacement, inspection, and installation. They can also assist you with any insurance claim.


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