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Hail Damage

Rockford Hail Damage Services

Get Your Roof Restored By Local Hail Damage Specialists

Hail storms don't occur very often, but when they do, the results can be devastating. Hailstones can quickly damage roofing materials and leave behind cracks, missing shingles, and holes that allow moisture to seep in and weaken the roof's structural integrity. The larger the hailstone, the worse the damage can be. 

Without quick repairs made after a hail storm, the condition of your roof will steadily decline over time. This could lead to expensive repair costs or even replacing your entire roof. To avoid these kinds of costly repairs, it's important to call a professional soon after hailstorms strike. 

At Apex General Contracting, our team of licensed contractors is available 24/7 for emergency services. With years of experience in roof repair, we know exactly how to protect your roof from further damage while making sure that all repairs are completed properly and safely. We also offer free estimates so that you know what to expect before any work begins. 

The Impact of a Hail-Damaged Roof

Hail storms can cause a wide range of damage to roofs, depending on the size of the hailstones. Smaller stones may leave behind dents and dings in shingles, while larger ones can break through roofing materials and create large cracks or holes. 

This kind of hail damage can lead to serious issues if left unrepaired, including: 

  • Water leakage into your home's attic space 
  • Damage to insulation and drywall from moisture buildup 
  • Mold growth due to increased humidity levels inside the house 
  • Structural weakness that makes your roof more vulnerable during future storms • Increased risk of fire due to exposed wiring caused by broken shingles

Don't wait for the effects of hail damage to become more serious. Contact Apex General Contracting for prompt and reliable roof repair service before bigger problems arise. We offer free estimates so you can get a clear idea of how much it will cost to restore your roof's condition. 

Let us help restore your roof's integrity after a severe hail storm has caused damage to it! Dial (779) 223-0354 or contact us online for a free estimate today.

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At Apex General Contracting, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what people have to say about working with us.

    “I am truly great full to have such an awesome agent!!!”
    “I will strongly recommend them to anyone I know needing work done on their home. I give a big "Hats off" to David, he went above and beyond for me and my family!”
    - Robert Running
    “5 stars from me”

    I ended up being blown away with how every employee in each department was so enthusiastic to help.

    - Gregg Graycarek
    “Would definitely recommend the business to anyone needing repairs or installations.”
    “Customer service was excellent and the crews were friendly and courteous.”
    - Joyce Boss
    “He followed through with the insurance company to make sure that the claim was processed properly and covered all damages.”
    “I was very impressed with the projects that was done at my home!”
    - Nancy Rosmos

We Can Help You Prepare Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies will cover hail damage to your roof, but the process of filing a claim can be complicated and time consuming. That's why Apex General Contracting is here to help you with all of your hail damage repair needs. We understand how important it is for you to get your roof restored quickly and efficiently, so we make sure that we work closely with you and your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.

Here's how you can expect our team to handle your hail damage claim:

  • We will record any damage and request that you arrange a meeting with your insurance adjuster to inspect the damage together.
  • Once your insurance company approves the estimate and releases the funds, we can assist you in choosing your new roof or locating matching shingles for the repairs.
  • Once the claim is approved and we have received the necessary permits to begin working, we can get started.
  • Upon completion of the repair, we will take care of the necessary documentation with your insurance provider so that they can release the remaining payment.

Don't wait for the effects of hail damage to get any worse. Call Apex General Contracting at (779) 223-0354 and get your hail damage repair process started today! Get your free estimate now.

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