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What to do In the Event of a Roof Leak

What to do in the event of a Roof Leak Graphic

When you notice a random paint bubble or a dark spot on your ceiling, your roof most likely has a leak. Roof leaks can cause a LOT of damage if they aren’t fixed quickly. What seems to be “just a spot” cannot just “get fixed later.” Here’s what you need to do when you first notice a roof leak to get it fixed and prevent future leaks.


When you first see the signs that your roof may have a leak, you need to act QUICKLY. If you don’t take immediate action, your roof leak may worsen with any additional rain and cause *expensive* damage to your home. The minute you notice water dripping, a bulge in your ceiling, or even a dark spot, you need to act FAST.

A man containing a roof leak with a bucket.

First, you need to contain the leak. Put a bucket under the leak, take an old screwdriver and poke a hole in the middle of the leaking bulge. This might sound scary, but we suggest that you poke a hole in your ceiling so that the water has a direct place to get out. If you don’t, water can spread through your ceiling to other parts of your home. When the water spreads, your entire ceiling can collapse.

Next, protect your valuables. Put plastic or tarps over your TV, couch, bed, and anything else that is expensive and valuable. 

Get That Roof Leak Fixed!

After you contain your roof leak, call us at (779) 223-0354! We’re licensed to take care of your immediate roof leaks and fix them the right way. 

If you wait too long thinking, “It’s just a dark spot on my ceiling,” you will have to pay a lot more money or even end up needing a complete roof replacement. 

To save you money, time, and frustration, contact us to take care of your roof leak

Prevent More Roof Leaks

You don’t want this nightmare happening again so after your roof leak is contained and repaired.

Check for the following warning signs:

Inside Your Home

  • Dark spots on your ceiling and/or walls
  • Bubbling on the ceiling and/or wall paint
  • Bulges in the ceiling and/or walls

Water damage from a roof leak.

Outside Your Home

  • Rotting, peeling, broken, or missing shingles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Gutters that are draining slowly
  • Cracked chimney flashing
  • Damaged pipes

A clogged roof gutter.

Besides looking inside and outside your home for damage, you can also take the following steps to prevent future leaks:

  • Trim your trees. When your tree branches are long, they can scrape at your roof, causing leaks.
  • Clean your gutters. You should hose your gutters regularly to keep leaves and acorns from clogging your gutters. When your gutters are clogged up, water can travel on your roof and inside your house.
  • Check your chimneys and vents. If your chimney and/or vent flashing is cracked, that can cause leaks.

The best tip we have for preventing future roof leaks – get regular roof inspections! We recommend getting your roof inspected twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, and after every storm.

We don’t want you to suffer through a bad roof leak, damaging your home and making you pay a LOT. At Apex General Contracting, we want to make sure you and your roof are always taken care of. Our spots for spring roof inspections are filling up fast! Call (779) 223-0354 or visit our website to book your FREE spring roof inspection!

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