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5 Reasons (Not Caused by Weather) You Need a Roof Replacement

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It may be easy to blame roof damage on the weather. However, there are plenty of other culprits. Poor attic ventilation, critters, installation errors, improper maintenance, and cracking shingles can all damage your roof so badly that your roof will need to be replaced. If you get routine roof inspections from Apex General Contracting, we will check your roof for these other issues to see if you need a roof replacement.  

Poor Attic Ventilation

One of the biggest culprits of bad roofs: poor attic ventilation. Without a good attic ventilation system, your roof (and your entire home) will feel the effects.

Poor Attic Ventilation

A lack of ventilation in your attic can damage your shingles. Damaged shingles leave your roof unprotected, leading to possible water damage from leaks. Yikes. Without proper attic ventilation, your shingles can fail within 10 years.

In the winter, a lack of ventilation is especially bad for your roof. Moisture caused by heating in your home can travel up to your attic, causing your roof to be unusually warm. If there are warm spots on your roof, this can lead to devastating ice dams.

Taking a look at your attic insulation is part of our free roof inspection! Schedule a roof inspection from Apex General Contracting now, and we’ll let you know if your roof needs to be replaced or if you just need to shore up the amount of insulation in your attic! 


While we love cute critters, they are not very nice to roofs.

Raccoon attacking a roof!

Squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can chew into your roof, rip up shingles, and tear plenty of holes in it to get in your attic. Sometimes, the damage can be so bad from wildlife chewing and tearing at your roof that you will need to get your roof replaced.

To keep a close eye on roof damage from critters, schedule a routine roof inspection with us to have a professional inspect the roof for repairs for a full replacement.

Installation Errors

If you recently replaced or repaired your roof, or purchased an older home with an already aged roof, you may have a poorly installed roof. Unfortunately, poor workmanship on roof installations causes a lack of durability and may lead to severe damage to your roof over time. 

To fix any issues from a poorly installed roof, our trusted installation experts at Apex General Contracting will replace your roof with excellent workmanship.

Improper or Deferred Maintenance

Along with installation errors, a badly-maintained roof will also lead to a replacement sooner than usual.

A woman containing a roof leak with a bucket.

If your chimney is leaking, your pipes are flashing, or if your attic begins to leak, you will need to get your roof inspected to see if repairs are needed. Damage that’s left without repairs will affect your entire roofing system. Inevitably, you’ll need an entirely new roof.

We can check if your roof needs repairs with routine yearly roof inspections. Don’t hesitate to do something about a minor roof problem. What looks like a small problem now can lead to a big issue later…and you may need an entire roof replacement if you wait too long.

Cracking/Brittle Shingles

Just like most things age over time, so do shingles.

Cracking Roof Shingles

The summer heat, UV radiation from the sun, and the harsh winters of Illinois will cause your roof to become brittle. 

Your shingles have a hard time adjusting to temperature changes and can easily crack. These compromised shingles can no longer protect your roof and home. The good news is that cracked shingles are easy to spot. We can check the condition of your shingles with routine roof inspections. If a lot of your shingles are cracked and brittle, we’ll recommend a full roof replacement.

We know you probably don’t want to pay for a roof replacement. However, your roof is the most important part of your home. It protects the entire structure. We want you and your family to have a stable roof over your head. If your roof is suffering from any of these problems, we can help.

Don’t let these 5 problems get in the way of your home being protected by a proper roofing system! Apex General Contracting offers routine roof inspections so that you and your home are always protected. Call (779) 223-0354 or visit our website to get a FREE estimate to keep your roof nice and safe!

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